A project of Just Fine Design/Build

A project of Just Fine Design/Build. If interested in a tiny house commission: matt@justfinedesignbuild.com

Monday, June 18, 2012

tiny voids: the importance of empty space in the tiny house

As I go about the design build process (as a teacher of mine once said, it's design then build then design then build, not clearly delineated and distinct) i've noticed a theme with the built-in furniture and interior, which is that I usually try and subtract from the volume of space that an objet takes up: the stairs and the desk for instance use the houses' structure (stud wall) as supports so that it can be visually light and floaty.  I've also gotten to the point of having all of my day to day things inside the house, and I'm left with some voids, some empty space. There's a voice in my head that says "it's a tiny house, you have to use ALL of the space," but when i think about it more, I've noticed that I like being in my house so much because of the voids: in my opinion, having empty spaces and 'unutlized space' is what makes living in a tiny house bearable, and enjoyable.

I don't want to ruffle any feathers in the tiny house community, but to be honest I have not enjoyed any of the Tumbleweed interiors for precisely this reason. The interiors are too bulky, and they are over using the space.  There has been an absence of places that can become pools of airy light, for ideas and feelings to circulate through the house. I'm sure there are lots of Tumbleweeds out there that feel just right to me - I just haven't been in them.

Here are some of the latest photos. There's a new cantilevered staircase going up to the loft (ash stringers with cherry and walnut treads), and one of the cushions for the couch is done.  Also made a little contoured poplar stool. Next up is a handrail for the stairs and interior trim! I'm hoping to do it in such a way that it blends into the wall.