A project of Just Fine Design/Build

A project of Just Fine Design/Build. If interested in a tiny house commission: matt@justfinedesignbuild.com

Sunday, April 15, 2012

tiny updates! I finally got the rest of the siding on, though i still have quite a bit of trim work to do, but the exciting thing is that the front stairs are in, and the top tread extends farther to be a bench and a place to put plants AND THE TINY PORCH SWING! I'm hoping to come up with a landscape plan for the front yard, and make some window boxes to fill with herbs for the exterior.
Also, I made a tiny window so i can see the street from my bed. Still have to trim it out though

Next week I think I'm gonna be in the shop working on the desk/dining table. I have my design finally and I am ready to crank it out, i'm thinking cherry leg(s) and a walnut top.

thanks for reading! I'm gonna stew over some more reflections about living tiny to write about too, just been so busy with non tiny house related stuff. . .

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  1. Best of luck! I love these creative ways of thinking about making other living arrangements for our future.

    You might want to reexamine that chimney, though.